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Wuhan Asian American Asian American Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a butterfly plant after the company's transformation in 2006, all moved to a new base in Wuhan East Lake High Technology Development Zone, Miaoshan district, the new base covers an area of 60 acres, the main production plant 10,000 square meters, office support facilities nearly 5,000 square meters, a large vertical lathe and CNC machine tools and other testing equipment. Asian American Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Wuhan obtain various kinds of valves of the national professional manufacturing license certificate, ISO9001 quality standard management system is complete, the adoption of ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Wuhan National Asian American Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is hi-tech enterprise, the company has 40 years of research in the valve manufacturing expertise, management and stable workforce. China Classification Society in 2007 and achieved the certificate of valve manufacturing, improved quality of valve manufacturing, shipbuilding became a professional valve manufacturer. By 2010, the United Kingdom (LR) Lloyd's approval of qualified products, the company mass 8.5MPa pressure level valve; large-tonnage dock with the cone-shaped discharge valve has a strong competitive strength; innovative valve technology important for our national defense work services. We have been to improve our level of product design to meet the requirements of the user market. Filling pressure medium sealed the success of large-diameter valve manufacturer, industrial valves in China narrowed the gap with foreign technology. Ministry of Water Resources State enterprises to obtain the production of hydraulic valve structure permits the production of large turbine main valve, vent valve, adjustable door; company has a nationally recognized NDT qualification. Double-sided sealing large diameter butterfly valve, double valve sealing surface and a half, large-diameter spherical sealing butterfly valve, fixed emission cone valve, piston valve and high wear-resistant plate-shaped valve, instrument valve has become our main products, such valves door for the oil refinery has a certain market competitiveness. American butterfly valve according to the introduction of production technology standards ANSI/AWWAC504-80 U.S. manufacturing is one of our important products, learn more advanced features of high-performance butterfly valve seal is eccentric way our water supply, environmental protection and sewage treatment., Metallurgical and chemical pipeline product of choice. Large-diameter valves are widely used in power plants nationwide and abroad, a large thermal power plants, hydropower. I produced a soft seal butterfly valve, metal sealed butterfly valve, quick exhaust valve closing, slow closing hydraulic control valve series full range of control. The company also produced a vacuum valve, hydraulic control valves, eccentric fan-shaped valves, check valves, mud valves, composite-style exhaust valve, expansion joint head, mechanical water gate boxes. Asian American Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Wuhan production of a variety of valves are exported to all over the world, the user market-wide, made an important market performance. Wuhan has all kinds of Asian American Valve Manufacturing Co., a new patented technology to provide users with a solid technical support to meet the user's specific technical requirements for valves, designed to provide national standards, while, according to the user needs to provide non-standard product design and manufacturing. Customer service to ensure the integrity of the market system, "customer first, credit first, innovation and development, the pursuit of perfection." Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Wuhan Asian American business purposes.
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(제품 이름)Butterfly Valve; (연간 생산량) 15000 Piece/Pieces
(제품 이름)Ball Valve; (연간 생산량) 9000 Piece/Pieces
(제품 이름)Plug Valve; (연간 생산량) 8000 Piece/Pieces